• 20 year old man

    Mens Fashion Age 20s

    It can sometimes be difficult to dress appropriately for your age in your 20’s because you’re still young but you’re likely to be starting your career or university and you’re not classed as a teenager anywhere where you can pretty much wear anything. It’s important to create the right balance of being young but looking […]

  • 30 year old man

    Mens Fashion 30s

    Men in their 30’s usually have their own, unique style sussed. Some men in their 30’s have wives, careers and families and it’s easy to lose your style and begin to start feeling old! Whereas 30 is not old, it’s can be one of the greatest times of your life, so to prevent this from […]

  • 40 year old man

    Mens Fashion 40s

    Most men hate the thought of being in their 40’s, there’s a stigma attached to being 40 and for most people they worry that’s then end of having fun and being young. Instead you should believe that life begins at 40! You should dress in the latest trends and take care of your appearance and […]

  • 50 year old man

    Mens Fashion 50s

    A lot of men tend to dress in the same clothes that they feel most comfortable in, whether they are fashionable, unsuited to their body shape, or suited to their age. If you are 50+ before choosing what style to go for its important to firstly look in the mirror and decide which parts of […]

  • triangle male body shape

    The Triangle Shaped Man

    Triangular shaped men have an ‘ectomorphs’ body classification, which is often a slim athletic look with a narrow chest. When a triangular shaped man puts on weight it will be distributed between the abdomen, chest and face and can sometimes look out of proportion to the rest of the body. The Main Traits of the […]

  • oval male body

    Oval Male Body Shape

    The shoulders are set down and the top of the hipbone is set lower. His back will be large and his arms will be bulky. He will have a short neck and a fuller face along with flat buttocks, but with his best asset being his slender legs. Oval men first put weight on through […]

  • funerals

    What Men Wear to Funerals

    Dressing appropriately for a funeral is extremely important because if you don’t it can be seen as a sign for disrespect. It is tradition that people dress smartly for funerals and wear a black outfit. No matter what your relation is to the deceased you must still follow this dress code unless you are told […]

  • inverted triangle male body shape

    Inverted Triangle Male Body Shape

    It is said that an Inverted Triangle Male Body Shape wears high fashion better than any other body shape with his wide shoulders and narrow hips and tight buttocks he can pull off all classic style. The main traits of your inverted triangular shaped body are: Narrow waist and hips A broad upper half of […]

  • rectangular male body shape

    Rectangular Male Body Shape

    The Rectangular Male Body Shape is a little like a ruler, straight from top to bottom with the chest, hips and waist all around the same size. There are no areas that need minimising so they can get away with most things, however the muscle you dream of will take a lot of hard work […]

  • trapezoid male body shape

    Trapezoid Male Body Shape

    Trapezoid Male Body Shape is seen as the perfect male body shape with broad shoulders, bulky arms and narrow hips the body is nicely proportioned. The good news is that trapezoid men could wear a bin bag and pull it off. This body shape is said to be the easiest to dress and can wear […]

  • interview

    Job Interview Clothes Ideas for Men

    When attending a job interview it’s important to make a good first impression, if you dress too casual you could risk looking unprofessional and this could lose you the opportunity of getting the job you’re applying for. However, sometimes people dress too smartly for a job interview and this could give the impression that you […]

  • wedding clothes

    Male Clothes Ideas for Weddings

    Attending a wedding can be stressful for a lot of people depending on if you are playing a major role in the ceremony or not. If you’re an important part of the wedding then it’s likely that the bride and groom will have already chosen your outfit, however this isn’t the case for the rest […]

  • first date

    First Date Clothes Ideas for Men

    Choosing what to wear for a first date is always difficult as it all depends on where you’re going and who you are going on a date with. If you are going for a fancy meal in a highly classed venue then you should wear something classy and make sure you are well groomed, however […]

  • night out

    Night Out Clothes Ideas for Men

    When you’re going on a night out you want to look your best, not only that but you’re going to want to look better than the people you’re going out with! That way you’re certain to impress a few people. In order to do this you need to consider where you’re going, what best suits […]

  • casual dress

    Casual Clothes Ideas for Men

    It’s sometimes confusing to understand what to wear to those ‘casual events’ such as what to wear to a casual Friday in the office, or a casual conference with work. Below are some ideas and tips on what to wear to those smart/casual events. Most people would opt for smart jeans and a t-shirt but […]