Square Shaped Face

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    Hairstyles for Square Shaped Faces

    If you have a square face, consider yourself lucky. It’s a very common face shape these days especially amongst celebrities. Squared shaped faces unlike oval faces can’t get away with anything however; there are lots of sexy feminine styles out there that will really suit you. See all the women face shapes and which you […]

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    Long Hairstyles for Square Faces

    Long straight hairstyles should be avoided as they will only accentuate your square jawbone. However long hair complimented with long layers especially around the face will look better on you then a cut all one length. If you have fine but want to keep it long you need to think about how you can make […]

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    Curly Hairstyles for Square Faces

    Any texture in the form of curls or layers will look great on square faces. They will soften your features and add roundness to your face shape. If you have got curls naturally then my advice is to keep them and enhance them with the correct styling products. Mousse is a great product for defining […]

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    Fringes for Square Shaped Faces

    Want bangs? They tend to suit square faces better then no bangs however you need to be careful as to what style you choose. Opt for a long-side swept fringe which will soften a square face and look beautiful. You want to balance out the strong jaw line and lack of curves you have also […]

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    Celebrities with Square Shaped Faces

    A lot of well known celebrities all have squared face shapes like you, here are just a few who have found the perfect styles to compliment and their face shapes Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Rosario Dawson and Angelina Jolie. So you are in good company but how should you wear your hair?? The Best Hairstyle […]