• choosing lipstick colour

    Choosing The Right Lip Colour For Your Skin Tone

    Finding the perfect lipstick can be overwhelming, when there are so many colours to choose from. Lipstick should be used as an accessory as it can be worn to reflect your mood and also bring out the beauty of the lips. Adding that extra bit of colour can make such a difference to the facial […]

  • organise makeup

    Ideas To Store Your Makeup Collection

    Constantly feel like you’ve misplaced your staple beauty product? Applying your makeup is easy until you find yourself stressing; trying to find one of the 6 blushes you have amongst a now cluttered looking vanity space? Or those items that all have matching packaging and you have to routinely check the different names and shades? […]

  • muffin top

    7 Exercises to Reduce a Muffin Top

    Feeling like you can’t wear your favourite top because it has a tendency to show your not so favourite jiggly area just above your waistline? Maybe you just want to feel more comfortable in your own skin but the dubbed muffin top has you feeling some kind of way about how your confidence should be […]

  • Top Mascaras 2014

    Top 10 Mascaras for 2014

    When shopping for a new mascara there is a lot of options to take into account. With masses of makeup brands in the beauty shops and a huge range of prices this can be completely baffling and completely overwhelmed. This guide on the very best mascaras for 2014 will hopefully help with your decision making […]

  • thicker hair

    10 Tips for Thicker Hair

    Hair can be stubborn and deceiving when it comes to having dense full locks. If you are amongst the many that have a lot of hair but it’s just a collection of very thin strands then it can be very frustrating. There may be a lot of it, but it can appear very flat, lifeless […]

  • face shape

    Find Hair Styles for your Face Shape

    Look Fabulous will help you gain an understanding of what hairstyles will suit your face shape best and which styles you should be avoiding. We will help you find hairstyles that are bang on trend for 2011 and styles that will complement your face shape, features and your lifestyle to have you looking and feeling […]

  • body shape

    Finding Our Your Body Shape

    More typically (and also in true form) most women are unhappy with some part of their body shape or size, and would love to change the way they look. At an extreme the unhappiness can result in hiding under baggy and ill fitting clothes and also wearing dark and dull colours to disappear into the […]

  • makeup foundation tips

    Makeup Foundation Tips

    Foundation provides the bases for all great faces of make up. It’s so important when choosing foundation that the colour compliments your skin perfectly. The best way to find the perfect shade for you is to put a dab of foundation on your neck, it should be almost invisible if not your foundation isn’t going […]

  • apple figures

    Apple Shape Figure

    The apple is a wonderful fruit. However, apple-shaped women don’t always feel as wonderful. You see, an apple shaped body tends to have a softer fuller middle with slim thighs and upper shapely legs. She often has fuller breasts, thinner hips and thighs and a flatter rear end than most.  A protruding tummy is also […]

  • boyish figures

    Boyish Shaped Women Figure

    As a teenager you probably wondered when your hips or your breasts will grow in. Sadly, five, ten years came and they still look like they almost never came: your hips are narrow, your bust is small and you have a non-existent waist. The boyish shape figure also known as the ruler or banana has […]

  • pear figures

    Pear Shaped Woman

    Admit it, girls, whatever shape you are in, you always want somebody else’s body – we want Angelina’s lips, Megan’s hair and Beyonce’s booty! This time, we’re focusing on the pear shaped woman and how pear shaped women can dress, fashionable, stylish and look fabulous. Of course, we can’t move our curves where we would […]

  • hourglass figures

    Hourglass Shaped Body

    Did you know that only 8.4% of women have the hourglass figure? Considered as the dream figure, the subject of many paintings and sculptures, the hourglass is probably the most envied of all the shapes we have discussed. Contrary to the body shapes of most supermodels, the hourglass figure is round and curvy, with a […]