10 Steps to Appear Taller

1 Stripes, any clothing with a vertical line running down either the top half , bottom half or entire length of the body will not only make you appear taller but also much slimmer! For pear shaped ladies try wearing vertical patterns on the lower half of your body whilst apple shaped figures should stick to them up top to help balance out your body shape.

2 High Waists, high waisted skirts, shorts, trousers and even empire line dresses that create the illusion of a higher waist line right under the bust will make your legs appear much longer. For some reason the longer your legs are the taller you appear!

3 Crop tops, for the younger petite ladies out there then pairing your high waisted bottoms with a crop top will shorten the appearance of your torso and make your appear taller then ever especially if paired with some heels! Bralets are very fashionable to the moment and by wearing them with a pair of high waisted jeans you won’t have too much on show or feel too exposed.

4 Avoid long tops, it seems obvious but if crop tops will help you to appear taller then long tops are sure to do the opposite. Petite women should never wear tops that fall below the hips, avoid anything that will make your legs appear shorter.

5 Plunging necklines, whether you prefer v-necks or scoop necklines just make sure they are on the low cut side. Turtle necks will do nothing when it comes to helping you look taller however, if you’re not a fan of having your chest on show there are other ways you can draw the eye down the body and elongate it. Long line necklaces and thin silk scarves draping down rather then wrapped around the neck will also do the job.

6 Slim legs, thinking again about elongating the appearance of the legs to enhance the illusion of height is easily done by slimming down the fit of your trousers. If you usually wear wide leg trousers then your only making yourself look shorter, for those with a curvy figure try switching them to a boot cut style whilst straight up and down ladies should opt for skinny jeans, tailored, fitted trousers or even full length leggings. Avoid the cropped variations when it comes to bottoms as these will only give the opposite affect to what you’re trying to achieve.

7 Heels, heels are the obvious option when it comes to literally giving shorter women some added height! Fortunately this doesn’t mean your feet have to suffer though, at the moment platforms are all the rage and this doesn’t just mean the ones with a six inch wedge. Known as ‘flat forms’ they are the very stylish yet more comfortable option, with a heel height with a difference of no more then one inch and a consistent platform they instantly give you added inches to your height but give the balls of your feet a break!

8 Colour, some of us are a fan whilst others will happily dress from head to toe in monochrome. Colours are fun and show off our personality however wearing too many together will make you appear smaller by overpowering your small frame. Darker colours will help you appear taller whilst slimming you down, try and stick to a colour pallet of no more then 3 shades.

9 Accessories, they are a great way of brightening up your outfit and adding some glam especially if your not so keen on tip number 8! Just keep it small, when it comes to chunky jewellery and oversized bags they will just make you look smaller then you are. Instead opt for ones that suit the size of your frame and think about long line necklaces and drop earrings that help create vertical lines.

10 Hair, a lot of girls will agree that their hair is their greatest accessory, when it comes to looking taller think of long sleek locks or long loose waves. What ever you do if looking taller is high up their on your wish list don’t cut your hair too short. If your not convinced then try on a wig or get some hair extensions and you’ll instantly see how a longer style can slim you down and in turn the illusion of an added couple of inches!

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