10 Tips for Thicker Hair

Hair can be stubborn and deceiving when it comes to having dense full locks. If you are amongst the many that have a lot of hair but it’s just a collection of very thin strands then it can be very frustrating. There may be a lot of it, but it can appear very flat, lifeless and stubborn, making it difficult to style. These tips will help to make your hair appear thicker, healthier and lively.

Washing your Hair

It would seem that whenever anyone talks about hair, they can’t stress enough how bad it is for you to wash your hair every day and they are right. Washing your hair everyday can make the hair thinner and prevent it from releasing its natural oils that make it healthy and thicker. Try using a dry shampoo in-between washes as it can add life and root lift quickly and help to prevent you from over washing.

Thickening Shampoos

Shampoos that are designed for volume and adding thickness to the hair are ideal. Gently working on massaging your scalp will warm up the hair follicles and prompt blood flow which improves root lift and hair growth. You may like to try L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo.

Thickening Conditioners

Most conditioners have oils in them for anti-frizz and adding extra shine. Some conditioners can weigh the hair down, so you really want to stay clear of those that promise ’hydrating’ and ’smoothing’ qualities as they can stop you from achieving volume. If you are going to use conditioner make sure to only applying to the very tips of the hair.

adding volume to hair

Blow Drying Techniques

Before you start to dry your hair it is advised that you use a heat protectant. Flip your head over and start blow-drying the roots. When the roots are dry and the rest of your hair is still damp, flip your hair back and part into sections. Add a diffuser to the hair dryer then dry the sections one by one with a round brush. Taking a section of hair place the brush underneath, dry upwards from below, just at the roots, then proceed to dry the hair from above following the brush to the ends. This drys the roots in the opposite direction from which they grow, adding extra volume.

Using Velcro Rollers

Once you have blow dried your hair, place rollers around the front of your hair and the parting, securing them with clips and leave for about 20 minutes. This gives the hair time to cool down and set into a voluminous shape.  To make sure your hair keeps it’s volume throughout the day, when you remove the rollers, lightly tease the roots around the crown of your head.velcro rollers

Root lifting Products

After teasing, adding root lifter such as a spray or mousse helps to keep the roots stay up and in place. Be careful not to over use root lifting products as it can have the opposite effect and weigh the hair down.

Volumizing Hair Sprays

There are plenty of hairsprays to choose from, look for ones that are thickening or volumizing as they are designed to make fine hair appear thicker. Setting your hair finalizes the look and helps it stay in place for longer.

loose thick hairstyle

Choose the Right Hair Brush

Brushing is good for the hair as it stops the hair from knotting. But brushing too much can be a no go as it causes the hair to release it’s natural oils which can make the hair look flat and greasy. If you are going to brush your hair you should try using a wide-tooth comb over a hair brush.

Add Layers for Natural Volume

Next time you visit the salon, you might want to consider getting layers cut in. They add texture and shape to hair whilst making it appear fuller and thicker.

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