Balconette Bra

Balconette bras are very similar to half cup bras apart from they tend to cover a little less of the breast, the style usually has thicker straps and a more square look from the straps down and across the front.

Balconette bras are very low cut making them perfect worn under almost any clothing.

Balconette bras are a very popular choice as they seem to suit almost all body shapes, they only reason to avoid them is if you have a really large bust as they act as a slight push up and you may experience some spilling out effect.

Which Body Shape does the Balcony Bras Suit Best

Balconette bras appear to cut straight across the breast, they are often boned or seamed to give a little support and lift whilst adding shape.

Pear shaped women should be weary when thinking about buying a Balconette bra, although they provide lift it’s not enough to help your top half appear larger and balance you out. You are best sticking with bras that maximize you up top!

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