Bikini Knickers

Bikini knickers are the commonly worn knickers. They are worn on the hips but cover a little less at the sides and of the behind then the hipster briefs. Bikinis can sometimes be found with a string waist band. Make sure when buying underwear that is elasticated around the waist you buy the right size, there is nothing worse then you’re underwear cutting in to you leaving some strange VPL’s (visible panty lines)

Being low waisted bikini panties do wonders for anybody with a large bottom, wide hips and a flat stomach. They will shrink wide hips, show off big bums and look seductive on flat stomachs.

If you have short legs choose a bikini brief with a high leg, this will help them appear longer. They do a fantastic job at leaving you feeling a lot better about bottom half insecurities!

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