Bikinis & Swimsuits for Boyish Shape Women

To be able to choose the perfect bikini for the boyish oblong figure shape you firstly need to understand your body shape and what areas you should draw attention to and also what areas you should pull attention away from.

bikini boyish shape figure

To create that body balance the boyish shape needs to visually create more curves.

This can be achieved by putting emphasis on the bust and hips and making them appear fuller. As bikinis can be bought as separates they can be easily mixed and matched using design, pattern and colour to create that perfect bikini for a boyish oblong shaped woman.

Main Traits of a Boyish Shape Figure.

  1. Undefined Waist
  2. Narrower Hips
  3. Small Bust

Bikini Tops for Boyish Shaped Women

Boyish figures should try and create the illusion of curves. Padding in a tankini top will help you look more feminine and curvy instantly. Having small breasts means you can get away with wearing sexy spaghetti straps, shapely bandeau’s or even halters. Being naturally slender shorter tankinis will show off your lean physique.

Boyish figures will look fab in bandeau costumes, having a smaller bust will suit the style of the swimsuit. They will also create the appearance of a more curvy, feminine you with its almost sweetheart neck line.

String bikinis don’t provide much support so are more suited to pear shaped and boyish figures that tend have smaller and pert boobs. The triangle cups come with padding and without some even come with removable padding so if you want to appear fuller go for one with more padding.

Bikini Bottoms for Boyish Shaped Women

To add width to the hips and help create curves, this is easiest done by going for bottoms with ruffles or other frilly fabric. If you’re not a real girly girl and don’t like the sound of summer spent in frills and ruffles then boy shorts are a good option for slim figures.

Horizontal patterns or stripes will look good on bikini bottoms as this will have the visual effect of widening the hips.

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  1. Make an effort not to get excessively disappointed when you are attempting on womens swim wear, as it is not generally your body that is providing for you the inconvenience. It may be the case that you simply require an alternate suit outline. Ladies’ bathing suits come in numerous diverse styles so maybe you simply require a tip or two about which one will be best for your body sort.

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