There are many different shades of blushers and each of them have different benefits, not only do you need to choose the correct shade for your natural skin colour but each shade also has different effects. For instance some blushers will help to hide bags under your eyes, some will make your eyes sparkle and look bigger and some will give the impression of large cheekbones.

This therefore should be taken into consideration when choosing the blusher that’s best for you depending on which effect you wish to achieve.

Most people opt for a blusher in the form of a powder; however you could also use a cream or a gel. Blusher in a powder form helps to define your cheekbones, you should use a small brush in a circular motion when applying powder blush as using a large brush can make your face easily over powered by the pinky shades and have the opposite effect when it comes to your cheekbones.

Cream blusher is great for giving you a natural looking glow, it’s easy to apply and is great for people who have dry skin, a powder will most probably leave you with a very dry, matte and sometimes even flakey appearance whereas cream blusher is much more suited to your skin type leaving your cheeks looking soft and dewy.

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Gel blusher is great option if you again want a very natural look and most of the time it isn’t even noticeable that you have makeup on. However, unlike the cream blusher its likely that you will have to keep applying gel blusher and adding more layers to get the shade that best suits you. Although some may see this as a disadvantage I prefer to look at it as a positive, it’s a lot easier to build blusher up to the right shade/tone for yourself rather then trying to take away or disguise one that’s much too strong in colour for you.

When applying blusher you need to make sure that you have a good blusher brush, this is just as important as the blusher itself. You should a blusher that enhances your natural beauty, a tip to do this is to pinch your cheeks and choose a shade similar to the colour they turn. This way the shade of blusher you choose will be sure to match your natural skin tone and you won’t end up looking ‘fake’ or so obviously wearing make-up.

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