Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are fitted nicely around the hips to the knee and flare slightly from the knee down. Some boot-cut jeans flare out more than others which makes different pairs suited to different body shapes. As the name suggest boot cut jeans were made typically to be worn with boots, the slight flare allows the jeans to be tucked into boots without the problem of bunching or having too much denim in your boots to allow you to zip them up. bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans look fab on apple and hourglass figure, the volume at the bottom will balance out a top heavy apple while the shape around the hips will compliment the curvy hourglass figure. If you’re a pear shape go for boot cut jeans with a wider bottom to balance out your curvy hips remember to choose a pair that’s plain around the hips to minimise attention towards that area. Boyish shaped women in need of some feminine curves will benefit from a well fitting pair of boot cut jeans.

There slight shapely legs will give you some curves, pair these will a ruffled top and you will soon have the illusion of the ‘most wanted’ hourglass figure.  Petite women need to make sure you don’t opt for boot cuts that are too wide, too much width will have you looking even shorter rather than long and lean.

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