Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans are loose, baggy and slouchy jeans that look like a man’s jean cut. This style of jeans are one of the latest trends when it comes to denim! You may think boyfriend jeans are what they say a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans but this is not the case.

boyfriend jeans
Although they are made to look like you’re wearing a baggy pair of low rise jeans that belong to the other sex the reality is men’s and women’s body shapes are completely different shapes and our jeans are cut completely different to a pair of men’s and somehow give the same effect!

Boyfriends jeans are fitted loosely through the thighs and are meant to be worn turned up at the cuff showing off you’re delicate feminine feet! They suit all shaped of women whether you’re a curvy hourglass or have a slim boyish figure the key in making them look fabulous is making sure they fit you properly! They are great for casual wear, pairing them with a T-shirt for trips out and a pair of girly dolly shoes or perhaps a pair of pumps for a lovely day out at the park.

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