Brief Knickers

Briefs are the big knickers you would think of associated with Bridget Jones! They are often made from cotton and are a very comfortable everyday brief. Briefs can rise to the belly button or sit just below it, they cover the whole of rear and have full sides.

There are three different styles of briefs, classic briefs, high cut or full briefs and control briefs. Briefs in general are not the sexiest of knickers but there is a style to suit most body shapes.

Which Body Shape do Briefs Suit Best

Classic briefs are more suited to those with flatter stomachs. If you have a spare tyre you may find yourself tucking it in, as briefs can site very high, so this isn’t the best look.

If you have short legs or are a pear shape lady and have large hips then high cut briefs are the best for you. High cut knickers of any style will always lengthen legs and slim out wider hips, great for pear shapes as it will help you look more in proportion with your smaller top half.

Control briefs are best for apple shaped bodies or anybody who has a bit of extra weight on their stomach. Control panties were designed to offer support and give a slimmer appearance. Control briefs are not recommended for every day wear as they are usually made of spandex or other tight materials, however they do a great job on nights out or special occasions.

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