Bronzer and Blusher Tips

When it comes to make up there is so much to think about. There are so many shades and textures of blusher and bronzers all suited to different people and different occasions. Eye colour, hair colour and even the shade of your eye brows all play a part in creating your perfect colour pallet. Here at look fabulous we will give you advice to help you find the perfect colours and products for you along with some bronzer and blusher tips, read the best ways to apply makeup at Look Fabulous and enhance what you’ve got.

Shades for Your Skin Tone

When choosing a blusher it’s important to think about which colour will give a natural healthy glow to your cheeks. Applying blusher to the cheeks can really transform your whole look, it can even create wonderful illusions such as slimming chubby cheeks! One important rule to remember with blush that applies to every one is the darker your skin whether you have warm or cool undertones the deeper blusher you can wear, the fairer your skin the lighter the blush needs to be.

Warm skin tones should go for blusher with warm undertones, coral, apricot, peach and orange shades are a great option for adding an everyday healthy glow to the cheeks. Bronze, mocha and copper shades are more daring shades of blush, wear them with a little shimmer for a fabulous evening glow.

Cool skin tones should stick to pale pinks, purple shades, berry and rose colours or subtle every day make up, they will make your face appear fresh and clean. For nights out mauve, plum and wine are all rich colours that will make your face sparkle and really high light your cheek bones if applied correctly.

bronzer make up

Bronzer is slightly different to rouge, instead of adding a healthy glow to cheeks it gives more of a sun kissed shimmer and can be applied over the whole face and collar bones if you wish! Bronzer most commonly comes in a compact powder that is applied with a large brush however is can come in a cream which is then rubbed onto skin sparingly with either a brush or fingertips.

Bronzer warms up any complexion instantly, it’s easier to buy bronzer to suit skin on the basis of it being fair, medium or dark rather then warm or cool.

Fair complexions should go for a bronzer that adds a fresh glow to skin, bronzer can easily be piled on so making sure it’s not too dark for your fair skin is a must.

Medium complexions can go for a bronzer that adds a little warm colour as well as some shimmer, bronzer is best worn in summer or on holidays. Its shimmer will sparkle in the sun and worn on a winters day in England could look a little OTT.

If you have a tan or a natural dark complexion you will look fabulous in a bronzer bursting with gold, bronze and copper shades. The sparkle will enhance your dark skin and you will look stunning with a dusting over your collar bone and shoulders too.

Blusher is most commonly used in three different textures:

  • Compact powder blusher, swept over the cheeks with a blusher brush
  • Cream and Gel blusher, the consistency is more of a liquid and can be applied using finger tips or a special brush made for the job

To apply powder blush it’s first best to invest in a good quality blusher brush. When you dip your brush into the powder dust any excess off before you put it any where near your face remember less is more. Looking in the mirror smile so you can see the apple of your cheeks, sweep the brush back and fourth in short strokes starting at the apple of the cheek ending at the ear. Instantly your face will be beaming with a healthy glow!

When applying cream or gel blusher it can be a little tricky using a brush, unless you’re a make up artist it takes time to perfect so practice before you whack some on and walk out in public. Using your finger tips is the easiest way to apply a cream/gel blush, firstly you put a small blob on the centre of your cheeks. Blend this upwards towards your ear by making tiny circles with your finger tips and slowing moving up. Making sure blusher is properly blended is the key when it comes down to having the perfect make up! If you have oily skin its best to stay away from cream blushers they can sometimes be a bit greasy in texture so it won’t benefit you, a powder or gel is much better suited.

Bronzer and Blusher Tips

bronzer powder

  • Wearing a shimmering white or cream high lighter sparingly along the cheekbone above your line of blusher will make cheek bones stand out even more and if you have chubby cheeks will give the illusion of a more bone structured face.
  • If you apply too much blusher don’t worry, there is no need to wipe the entire make up from your face and start again from scratch. Firstly blot some tissue over the blush to remove any excess powder, then take a lightly coloured face powder and dust over the blush. It will tone it down and will save the rest of your hard work going to waste.
  • When applying bronzer sweeping the brush over your fore head, chin and nose along with your shoulder, collar bone and even cleavage will give you a beautiful sun kissed look, great for summer time and nights out.
  • Some people think of bronzer as a fake tan, and its not. Bronzer is made to enhance the colour you already have and add a little shimmer for a healthy bronzed goddess glow, its not to be caked on layer upon layer to darken you’re skin by three shades. Be careful with how much you apply.
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