Buy Clothes that Fit

How many people then buy the outfit regardless of this because they just love the design? Also how many people squeeze into the size smaller because it makes you feel good knowing that you’ve fit into a size 10 when you usually buy a size 12?

It will be hard to find someone that has never done this when shopping for clothes but one of the best things you can do to make you look your best is to make sure you buy clothes that fit properly!

It sounds like something really simple but in reality it’s actually quite hard to find clothes that fit your body shape perfectly. No matter what size you are it’s always best to buy clothes that fit and if it really bothers you knowing that you’ve had to buy a bigger size because it looks better then you can always grab the scissors and cut the label out of all your clothes!

Mentioned below are a number of tips to help you stop these bad habits from reoccurring.

One way to save yourself from disappointment is to make sure you always try clothes on in the store, just because it looks good on the hanger doesn’t mean it will look good on you and your body shop, so try it on if it doesn’t suit your figure then put it back and find something that does.

It’s important to remember that each designer makes clothes differently so a dress that fits you in a size 12 in one brand might be too big or too small in another brand. Always take two or three different sizes of the same garment into the changing rooms with you. The bigger size is sometimes more flattering as it’s important that you can move well in your clothes and that they aren’t pulling around your hips or bust. After all buying a bigger size that fits well will always be more flattering on the eye than a tag with a smaller size on that you have to squeeze into.

However you do need to remember in a lot of situations clothes are also too big and this can also be unflattering for your figure. Hiding your figure in baggy clothes doesn’t make you look slimmer it can have the opposite effect. A few ways you could change this to make some of your clothes fit better would be too; add a belt, move the buttons across to make it smaller, take in the garment at the seams and to shorten the hemline if the item of clothing is too long.

At first it is important to try on many different styles and be experimental as this is the only way you will learn what looks best by trying lots and lots of different styles, shapes, colours and sizes!

If your not into mass shopping days then to save yourself time read up on different body shapes and what suits them best. This will enable you to work out which body shape you have and give you an idea of what to look for when shopping, once you’ve done this a few times you’ll get to the stage where you look at something and will immediately know if that style will or won’t suit your figure.

One final tip for you is to take a best friend! A lot of people make the mistake of asking the shopping assistant for their opinion when shopping. Keep in mind they are paid to sell clothes so they aren’t likely to tell you their honest opinion! It would be best to take a friend shopping with you but make sure that it is a good friend that will tell you their honest opinion (in a kind way of course) you don’t want your confidence knocking because people are being insensitive!

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