Casual Clothes Ideas for Men

It’s sometimes confusing to understand what to wear to those ‘casual events’ such as what to wear to a casual Friday in the office, or a casual conference with work. Below are some ideas and tips on what to wear to those smart/casual events.

Most people would opt for smart jeans and a t-shirt but dressing casually means dressing up but not too smart or formal. It isn’t dressing down and wearing you’re favourite pair of jogging pants or shorts and t-shirt but instead it means dressing to impress without wearing a smart suit or an outfit that’s too formal.

For example the outfit you would wear to a casual event is similar to the outfit ideas described in the ‘first dates’ category as you could wear a open collared shirt un-tucked with a jacket and a pair of jeans with a smart belt. This outfit isn’t too formal because you aren’t wearing trousers or a tie but it will still look smart and trendy.

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