Celebrities with Oval Shaped Faces

Pictures of celebrities with oval shaped faces are a good way to get ideas on up-to-date styles and how their amazing hairstyles show off their features, stars like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey and Uma Thurman all have oval shaped faces.

oval face shapes

Characteristics of an oval shaped face.

  1. Wider cheek bones
  2. Narrow smooth jaw line.
  3. Narrow forehead

Lucky for you oval shaped faced ladies, you suit almost any hairstyle as long as it doesn’t hide your features and is styled correctly.

Unsure if this is your face shape? Check out how to assess your face shape and the characteristics of all the 5 face shapes or use our virtual hairstyle tool to try on a few styles and see how they might suit you.

Jada Pinkett Smith curly hair
Jada Pinkett Smith's long hair
Elle Macpherson long hair
Jessica Alba wavy hair
Jessica Alba long hair
Sarah Harding fringe
Victoria Beckham bob
Victoria Beckham short hair
Beyonce Knowles Curly Hair
Beyonce Knowles long hair
Uma Thurman short hair
Uma Thurman long hair
Mariah Carey curly hair
Mariah Carey fringe
Jennifer Aniston blonde hair
Jennifer Aniston straight hair
Cameron Diaz short hair
Cameron Diaz swept fringe
Cameron Diaz long wavy hair