Celebrities with Round Shaped Faces

Taking a look at celebrities hair with round shaped faces and amazing hairstyles they have will give excellent ideas, after all they have the top stylists to come up with the perfect style to elongate their faces and bring out the best of their features include the likes of Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Charlotte Church and Kirsten Dunst.

round face shapes

The Best Hairstyle for Round Shaped Faces

The best hairstyle for round faces defiantly has to be long length, long layers and a long fringe. If you have the length already get to the hair dressers and add some face shaping wispy layers – you will be surprised at how much difference this can make to your style.

Characteristics of an oval shaped face.

  1. Round forehead
  2. Round jawline
  3. Fuller wider cheeks

Unsure if this is your face shape? Check out how to assess your face shape and the characteristics of all the 5 face shapes.

Styles the Round Shaped Faces should Avoid

There are a few simple rules for round faces when it comes to what needs to be avoided.

  • Stay away from hairstyles that end chin length
  • Chunky, heavy bangs are a no no and only add weight to a round face.
  • Curls, the tighter the curl the more you stay away
  • Lastly medium length styles including bobs!

These cuts will either exaggerate the roundness of your jaw or exaggerate the width to your face. At all costs you must avoid hair that is exactly chin length, this length should only be worn by women with long faces.

Jennifer Hudson's Bob
Tiffani Amber Thiessen short hair
Tiffanie Amber Thiessen long hair
Tiffany Amber Thiessen side fringe
Queen Latifah long hair
Penelope Cruz wavy hair
Kyra Sedgwick curly hair
Kyra Sedgwick long hair
Roseanne Barr bob
Lisa Rinna's short hair
Kirsten Dunst short hair
Kirsten Dunst side fringe
Kirsten Dunst long hairstyle
Charlotte Church bangs
Charlotte Church swept fringe
Drew Barrymore short hair
Drew Barrymore long hair
Kate Winslet long hair
Kate Winslet