Change the Size and Shape of Your Bum

How to Make your Bum Look Smaller

Wearing dark neutral colours on the bottom, with contrasting bold colours at the top will draw attention straight up away from your big behind. The same applies when wearing patterns, keep them up top.

Long and flowing tops that end around the mid thigh will cover your bum loosely but still show off your shapely legs. Make sure tops aren’t too tight as it will show off your curvy bum.

Trousers that have a loser fit will be better for you, boot cut trousers and jeans that sit below your waist line will be your best option.

Lose skirts, dresses especially A line will show off your small feminine waist while flowing out from your hips will completely hide a large behind and still show off you’re curvy figure.

How to Make your Bum Look Bigger

Pencil skirts are too tight and were basically made to show off your bum, if you’re not comfortable with the size of it them avoid them completely.

Back pockets just draw the eyes to them, any pants with detailing on the bum should be left for those women who want their butts to appear bigger.

Unless you’re going to a gym then stay away from shorts, they are hard to pull off with a big bum and dresses are much more feminine and flattering on you anyway.

Celebrities with big bottoms include Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

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