Choosing Sunglasses

In summer time it may seem like a simple pair of shades is the one thing you just can’t be without. When Choosing sunglasses think about how they suit you, whether they are for lounging in the sun, cycling, golf, Skiing, reading or just a cheap pair that you throw in the glove box when you’re finished driving!

Obviously sunglasses are made to protect your eyes, but in this day and age they are seen as more of a fashion piece. Sunglasses can add style just as much as a new outfit, with so many styles, shapes and designer shades to choose from you’re sure to find a pair to reflect your personality and look.

If chosen correctly sunglasses are capable of enhancing your best features whilst drawing attention from your not so best. It’s important you think about frame shape, size and colour in comparison with your face shape, hair style and colouring.

It may seem like there is a lot more involved than you thought to choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses and it can turn out to be a lengthy process trying on pair after pair. With our help you will be able to go into a store and know exactly which ones were made for you!

Designer Sunglasses

Just like fashion tends people follow what the celebs are wearing in sunglasses too! If this is you and you love to be bang on trend, then don’t just jump at the chance to get some sunglasses you’ve seen gorgeous round face shape celeb Cameron Diaz wearing if you’ve a square shape face. By all means, if you want to be in with the latest designs then take a look at what’s being worn by a celeb with your face shape and pick a pair that is right for you. Just because they look good on someone else doesn’t mean they will have that effect on you. It’s all about trial and error along with quite allot of know how when it comes to shades.

Lens & Frame Colours

Choosing the frame colour of your new sun glasses is just like when you’re choosing clothes to suit you. As well as thinking about shape you think about the colours that will compliment your complexion and hair colour best! If you will be wearing the glasses daily to aid your sight too then funky styles or outrages colours are probably not the best option for you, unless you have a few dozen pairs!

Generally blacks, white or silver are the safer option so as not to clash with makeup or clothes you may be wearing.

Sunglasses for Cool Skin Tones

If you have cool skin tones and fair hair choose frames with just a touch of colour. Soft pastel colours and frames that are transparent will allow you to wear colour without the risk of your glasses overwhelming your face. People with fairer complexions tend to have blue eyes, if you’re a real girly girl or want to make your eyes really stand out and look more beautifully blue than they already are then go for pink!

White and black along with metal frames are a safe option for those of you with fair complexions. If you want to go for something more fun and dramatic tortoiseshell frames will inject just enough colour to warm up your skin a little without being too much.

Sunglasses for Warm Skin Tones

If you have warm skin tones anything from olive and darker teamed with darker hair you will be able to pull off much more dramatic colours. Metallic frames in gold, silver and any other bold colour will look stunning against warm skin.

Stay away from cooler colours as it is the warm coloured frames will compliment warm skin better. If you stick with warm colours it’s just a case of choosing your favourite, they will all look fabulous on you. If you want to go for the ultimate sexy look when it comes to glasses choose red! Any shade of red, it will set off your darker hair beautifully.

Sunglasses Tips!

  • Rimless sunglasses and aviator’s suit most face shapes, great as they are two of the most wanted styles

    sunglasses styles

  • You’re eyebrow should never be visible above the frame.
  • Pale skin tones should avoid blue and green as it will drain away colour from your cheeks.
  • Warm skin tones should avoid pastel shades and jet black.
  • Glasses that are wider than the sides of your face are too big.
  • Go with what suits you.
  • Choose wisely if you’re going for a branded pair they can be expensive and will probably be with you for a while.
  • Don’t choose glasses without a protective filter if you’re going to be in the sun a lot you may get a head ache if they don’t provide enough protection.

What Shape Sunglasses Suit You?

Firstly you will need to know what shape face you have from our guides.

These categories consist of: Oval Face Shape, Round Face Shape,Oblong Face Shape, Heart Shape Face,Square Shape Face

Then Checkout what will suit your face shape from our information.

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