Colouring Hair at Home

Colouring your hair at home in the past may have been messy, stressful and often left you with undesired results. Use these tips to make colouring your hair at home a simple, enjoyable experience with minimal mess!

home hair colouring

To create minimal mess at home before you start colouring make sure you have these items handy:

1. An old towel to place around you’re shoulders and neck

2. An area in front of a mirror with a space easily cleaned to put down your hair colour on

3. A comb and some section grips

4. Rubber gloves

5. And finally a damp cloth to wipe up any spillages before the colour starts to take

hair colour swatches

If you’re not very neat and don’t want to walk around with a stain around you’re forehead then putting a thin layer of Vaseline around you’re hair line will act as a barrier and stop this.

The easiest way to apply a colour all over the hair is to do as follows,

1. fasten a towel around your neck with a grip and put on some rubber gloves

2. mix up the colour you have chosen and place it within easy reach once you’re stood in front of a mirror

3. Comb your hair through and make a centre parting

4. apply the hair colour first along the parting and around the hair line use the comb to pull the hair away from the face whilst your colouring the hair line it will make it much easier

5. now its just a case of filling in the gaps, start at the roots and part hair around 2 cm wide all along the head, keep going until all the roots are covered

6. once all the roots are done apply it to the middle and ends combing it all through when you think its all covered

7. it can be quite tricky to do the back but once you think its all covered pour the remainder of colour onto the hair and massage it in like a conditioner, this will make sure you’ve not missed any of it

8. all hair colours are different and instructions should be followed as to how long the colour is left on but as a general rule semi-permanents stop working after round 30 minuets of being activated so work quickly

Remember to wipe up any spillages as you go along and hopefully you should have a mess free bathroom and gorgeous bouncy hair full of colour!

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