Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are great for summer time whether it be for daily wear or casual evening parties, they are pretty much universal and can be suited to most occasions. Cropped jeans can be very flattering to the smaller woman by elongating the legs and showing a peep of those lovely legs and ankles, they are also sinfully comfortable so that practicality is not an issue.

As this type of jeans are gaining popularity as one of the most sought after casual party wear, you need to pair it with a heeled shoe or wedges high or low depending on what you prefer but something to show off your heels and top of the foot for best look. However, if you love to wear skin-tight cropped jeans, we suggest wearing high heels if you are shorter in height.

On the other hand if you are tall, try wearing them with dolly shoes. We recommend choosing cropped jeans with lighter shades for more casual wear however If you like the dark shades, then try pairing with a funky belt so that you don’t look overdressed if wearing in the daytime.

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