Curly Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

If you have naturally curly hair, then leave it alone! Curls are bang on trend this season and lucky you your face was made to be surrounded with gorgeous, bouncy curls.

oblong face shapes

Wavy hair and curly hair is perfect for a long face because it adds width to the face. If you have curly hair, don’t ruin it by trying to straighten those gorgeous curls out.

Add some layers into your hair will add more texture and help to define curls dragged down by heavy hair.

Layers at the side of the cheeks to chin length will help the face appear wider where it should and have you looking more balanced.

Waves and curls add softness and body to a long face.

Keep on top of your length as you don’t want it growing longer then a couple of inches past your jaw or your style growing out.

Curly hair and waves will add width – just remember to avoid short layers that add volume on top and your curly hair teamed with your oblong face will be a style to die for.

Kate Hudson is a stunning actress who embraces her natural curls and looks ever so sexy when wearing them!

Take a leaf from her book and keep your hair looking au natural to look effortlessly fabulous.

The Best Hairstyle for Oblong Shaped Faces

Having a long face means you have several options on what will work best for your face depending on your hair type.

Characteristics of an oval shaped face.

  1. Defined cheekbones
  2. High forehead
  3. Narrow smooth jawline

Styles Oblong Shaped Faces should Avoid

Unlike all the models and celebrities, we unfortunately don’t have stylists to do our hairstyling for us each day and unless you have super thick with natural volume then you need to avoid trying out long styles like those seen on oblong faces celebs. Keep in mind the next few steps when it comes to what to avoid and your hair will suit your face shape so much more.

  • To much hair length will make your face will appear even longer
  • To little hair length will also make your face appear even longer
  • Too much volume at the top of your head will lengthen your face

Curly Hairstyle Pictures

Cate Blanchett short hair
Janet Jackson fringe
Niki Taylor long hair
Kate Hudson wavy hair