Curly Hairstyles for Square Faces

Any texture in the form of curls or layers will look great on square faces. They will soften your features and add roundness to your face shape. If you have got curls naturally then my advice is to keep them and enhance them with the correct styling products.

square face shapes

Mousse is a great product for defining curls and adding bounce however using too much product can leave you’re hair drying crispy which isn’t the best look. Salt spray is a great alternative to mousse and gives hair beautiful beach waves.

Curly hair should be kept at a long length below the jaw line. As you will know curly hair tends to frizz up when too short, a longer cut will help weighs down the curls and keep them looking smoother and silkier.

Another way to help curls looking smooth is using a deep conditioning product or leave in conditioner once a week, curly hair tends to be drier then straight hair so it would be really beneficial for you’re hair condition.

Just as curls do, waves can soften angular features. If you have super straight hair then add either rollers or use curling irons to create curls. It will be worth it spending that little extra time on your hair, it’s not something I would recommend for every day but on special occasions people would really notice the difference and how much it suits your face shape.

Waves are big this year and what easier way to create them then platting your hair when you get out of the shower! It may seem a bit too simple but remember those beautiful waves you created as a child when you’re mum platted your wet hair before bed and you woke up with it dry, bouncy and shiny in the most fabulous girly waves? Yes, well give them another go you may be surprised how healthy and natural your hair looks after being in lose plats all night.


The Best Hairstyle for Square Shaped Faces

If you have a square face, consider yourself lucky. It’s a very common face shape these days especially amongst celebrities.

Squared shaped faces unlike oval faces can’t get away with anything however; there are lots of sexy feminine styles out there that will really suit you.

Characteristics of a square face shape are:

  1. Square shaped
  2. Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width
  3. A squared jawline

See all the women face shapes and which you fall into.

Styles Square Shaped Faces should Avoid

There are a few rules when it come to what looks best on square shaped faces and how you can achieve that look. Make sure you take into account the following and your angular features will soon appear soft and rounded with the right cut.

  • Long straight styles will accentuate a square jaw line and should be avoided
  • Straight, full fringes or centre parts will do nothing for your face shape.
  • Straight bobs or cuts ending at the jaw line should also be avoided.

Instead keep your locks fuller with waves and add layers for extra body. Add a side swept fringe to detract attention from your angular features making them look more feminine and if you desire a bob keep it choppy and layered!

isabella rosselini short hair
Isabella Rossellini fringe
Emma Bunton long hair
Geena Davis short hair
Geena Davis curly hair
Angelina Jolie short hair
Angelina Jolie wavy hair
Sandra bullock short hair
Sandra Bullock long hair