Dresses for Boyish Shaped Women

Dresses for the boyish shaped woman can be fabulous, there are so many accessories that you can use to emphasise your body and gain terrific curves.

dresses for boyish figures

Main Traits of a Boyish Shape Figure.

  1. Undefined Waist
  2. Narrower Hips
  3. Small Bust

The perfect dress for the boyish frame flatters and adds curves, look for a dress with a lot of shape however avoid cutesy looks such as puffed sleeves as you will just end up looking little girlish.
Luckily for you most clothing especially dresses actually hangs better on women with smaller busts! If you do want to add more volume up top look for embellishment, ruffles or fullness at the bust. A great dress that automatically makes the chest area appear fuller are empire style dresses, these would be great for your body shape as there usually not clingy so won’t show your boyish frame off underneath.

Another option to create the illusion of curves is to draw attention to your waist, cinched in waist lines or a dress worn with a bodice will defiantly give you some defined curves and help you to achieve that hourglass look.

However make sure you find one of the right length there would be nothing worse then having a floor length dress flapping round your calves.

Maxi dresses are right on trend this season and would look great on your tall slim frame.

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