Dresses for Pear Shaped Women

For the lovely pear shaped figure the key when it comes to buying that perfect dress is to draw all the attention up to the top of your body, you should show off your fabulous shoulders, arms, back and busts.

pear woman

Main Traits of a Pear Shape Figure.

  1. Wider hips and thighs
  2. Narrower shoulders
  3. Wider bottom
  4. Smaller bust

Strapless dresses will look gorgeous on you and will make the perfect evening dress or cocktail dress, but if you don’t feel daring enough to show of all that skin try the halter neck. Halter neck dresses are fitted up top which will show off your waist and fall into an Aline shape skirt. Dresses with spaghetti straps will give your shoulders a broader appearance and help balance you out.

The easiest way to balance a bottom-heavy figure is to choose a dress that skims over the lower half of the body. Full or A-line skirts will skim your curves beautifully with out adding bulk to your shape.

Try dresses that have some kind of embellishment up at the top whether it be ruffles, pattern or luxurious texture, it will all help to add a little more volume to your bust. Don’t forget to accessorise with some lovely earrings, necklaces and handbags

If you’re flexible with colour choice your best bet is to opt for dark colors on the bottom. Light colours look great on you also but stick to wearing them up top, a small cardigan or shawl in a lighter colour would compliment your dress and bring the eye up and away from your wider bottom.

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  1. Hi’ thanks.. I am a pearshape figure…50+ year. In my menopause gain weight.. And a bigger tummy and have wider hips and… My arms is not that firm anymore. Still want to look good and feel sexy with a convidence in myself. What would you suggest in the best style.

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