Enhance your Bum

First it was J-Lo we all knew for having a amazing behind and now being more talked about then ever are the well known celebrity figures Nicky Minaj and Kim Kardashian, also known for having a sexy, curvy figure and most importantly big, curvaceous bums!

Fortunately the skeletal size 0 figures that have been strutting up and down the catwalk for the past few years are no longer seen as the ‘perfect’ size! Its time to ditch the diets and get your feminine curves back.

You can work towards achieving a sexy figure and enhance your behind without going to the extremes of the up and coming £5000 average cosmetic ‘butt job’ and instead can create this look by wearing clothes that create this ideal illusion.

One of the most effective ways to boost your behind is to wear a good pair of low rise skinny jeans. Low rise jeans make your bum look peachier as apposed to high rise jeans that do the opposite and elongate your buttocks making your behind look slimmer. However if you are going to buy low rise jeans you should make sure that your underwear fits correctly because if your underwear is too tight then it can create a slight bulge above the top of your jeans because it will push excess skin upwards.

A very sneaky way to give the impression of a larger bum is to buy underwear that actually has pads on each cheek! These will instantly make your bum cheeks look larger, rounder and plumper. They are great it’s just like wearing a padded bra but on your bum and they are really natural looking.

Posture plays a big part in making your bum look larger and sexier. A lot of women will arch their backs so that their bum is sticking out slightly, this can look very sexy if you don’t go OTT! Sticking your behind out too much will only make your stomach stick out and may make you look as though you’re walking strange.

One of the main things you can do to achieve a firm sculpted buttocks is to do specific exercises that will tone the tops of your legs and your bum. One of the best exercises to do is squats as this really tones your behind. Other ideas are horse riding, bike riding and jogging.

Another tip if you really want to boost the size of your bum is to make sure you eat a lot of protein along side exercising, your bum is made up of mainly muscle so filling up on lean meats, fish, nuts and eggs will lead to a curvaceous butt Kim, Jennifer or Nicky would be proud of!

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