Eye Makeup Tips

When it comes to eye make up there is so much to think about. Some people think your make up should compliment your skin along with the clothes your wearing, this is absolutely correct however there is a little more to it if you’re wanting to look and feel your best. Reads on for our Eye Makeup Tips!

eye makeup tips

Eye colour, hair colour and even the shade of your eye brows all play a part in creating your perfect colour pallet. There are so many products on the market today that all give different textures, looks and are all suited to different people and different occasions. Here at look fabulous well give you advice to help you find the perfect colours and products for you along with some handy tips on how to enhance what you’ve got.

Eye Makeup to Suit Your Eyes

eye colours

Blue Eyes

blue eyes

It sounds surprising but beautiful baby blues look great in almost any eye shadow apart from other shades of blue. To make blue eyes really pop and stand out try wearing earthy shades of brown, greys and even mushroom like colours. For you fun and bubbly girls out there who love to stand out in a crowd then pinks and purples are a really girly contrast that look will have your eyes looking mesmerizing.

Brown Eyes

brown eyes

Beautiful deep and rich brown eyes look gorgeous when enhanced with a little eye make up. Brown eyes usually belong to women with warm skin tones, a gold shimmer eye shadow is perfect for you and a subtle every day look. To really make your eyes stand out try greens, pinks or shades of blue. Basically brown eyes will look irresistible in any colour so just go with a favourite shade and don’t be afraid of trying something new just always remember not to clash your make up with your clothes.

Green and Hazel Eyes

hazel eyes

Green and hazel eyes look fabulous in earthy shades of brown, don’t pile in on though or your lids will end up looking tired and heavy rather then light and fresh. Purple is a dramatic contrasting colour it will really make green and hazel eyes pop. Everyday eye shadow colours for green and hazel eyes would be taupe colours, mocha browns, and shades of purple. Hazel eyes contain a variety of underlying shades, have a close look at what shades your eyes hide within them and experiment to find the perfect colour eye shadow for you.

Types of Eye Makeup and Application

Eye shadow is eye makeup that is applied to the upper eye lid. The three most common types of eye shadow are:

  • The compressed powder, applied with an eye shadow brush
  • The creamy textured chunky pencil, drawn straight onto the eye lid
  • The paint like eye shadow, often in a tube with an applicator at one end to glide straight onto the eye lid. They tend to dry like a powder and shimmer slightly.

Eye shadow can either be applied as a smooth block colour or as a pallet of three complimentary shades. If you want to take the time to apply three shades then doing it properly will really make a difference, open up your eyes and have them sparkling. When choosing your three shades firstly you need to make sure there all in the same colour pallet, a medium tone is best for a base. The base will be applied first and swept across the whole of the eye lid. Next is the high lighter this is usually a very pale tone, a shimmering high lighter looks best. It is applied to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye lids, using a high lighter will open up the eyes. The third step is defining the eye, a darker shade usually a couple of shades darker then the base is applied to crease in the outer corner of the eyes. This will finish off your eye shadow and have your eyes looking fabulous.

Eye liner is used to enhance the shape of the eyes, it comes in various shades so don’t just go for the common black. Navy, plum, emerald and brown are all fabulous eyeliner shades available that compliment eyes so much more then a harsh black.eye makeup

Eye liners come in two main types:

Pencil, drawn straight on to the eye lid and smudged for a soft subtle look

  • Liquid, a more dramatic bold colour is achieved with a liquid eye liner its applied with a very thin brush

Eye liners need a stead hand to be applied, they are worn along the edge of the upper eye lid and sometimes inside the edge of the lower eye lid too. Eye liners can take a bit of practice to perfect but are great for drawing attention to the eyes.

Mascara is the last step to creating the perfect eye make up. Mascara is used to enhance eye lashes, there are so many different ones on the market that all claim to do different things from lengthening, thickening, separating, darkening and curling lashes along with conditioning them too. The most common mascara in the 21st century is used world wide it’s:

  • The liquid mascara, it comes in a tube with its own applicator wand

Mascara is great for all occasions from glamorous nights out and natural barely there make up for everyday. Mascara is the most popular item of ladies makeup bag after her lip stick, it’s the easiest way to really open up eyes effortlessly. Like all make up mascara comes in a range of shades, blondes should opt for brown and brunettes can get away with black however if you want be a little bit different mascara also comes in blues, purples and greens. The unusual shades can really compliment eyes and make them pop.

Eye Makeup Tips

  • Applying concealer to the eye lids and under the eyes in a shade lighter then your foundation will not only cover up tired looking bags but provide a great base for your eye make up and leave your eye shadow in place longer.
  • Using a little of white eye shadow or eye liner in the inner corner of the eyes will really brighten them up and make the whites of your eyes appear more white and sparkly then ever.
  • Smokey eyes have been very popular for a long time now and are still going strong. The key to creating the perfect smokey eyes is blending remember they don’t always have to be done in the classic black and grey, rich plums, emeralds and sapphire blue tones look fab on a smokey eye.
  • Pumping the wand in and out of the mascara tube with intentions to get more mascara out does not work, instead it lets more air inside and dries mascara out quicker. Most probably making its replacement needed sooner than the average 3 months.
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