Famous Hourglass Shaped Celebrities

With the hourglass figure being so desired it is no wonder that the following celebrities, pop stars and actresses are hugely successful and also admired by so many.

hourglass woman

Main Traits of a Hourglass Shape Figure.

  1. Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  2. Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
  3. Full Bust.
  4. Shapely Legs.

Many embrace their curves and don’t give in to the pressures and demands of being stick-thin that many stars do. Hourglass shapes stars include: Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Brook, Kate Winslet, Dita Von Teese, Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek

The hourglass figure was known as the “wasp waist” and was highly fashionable during the 1800s and Victorian era. Fashionable women did literally everything and anything to achieve the desired bigger bust and hips and the tiny waist of the hourglass look.

Corsets, bustles, breast-enhancing bras and foundation garments were worn for long periods of time and were very uncomfortable for the wearer. Research now reveals that some women in this era probably suffered from a variety of serious health problems including the displacement of various organs caused by pressure from the corset and also deformed ribs, as the corset pulls the lower ribs to an unnatural position.

So there. There’s not much to do for the hourglass goddess – all you have to do is to regain your lost confidence and stay simple. Your body is already hot as it is so you don’t really need to try too hard. Thank God there are only 8.4% of you.

If you are unsure of your body shape then check out the article on finding out

Carol Vorderman
Jennifer Connelly | Craig Mcdean-photoshoot | Vogue 2004 #glamour #fashion #Hollywood #portrait #photography
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter
raquel welch, the Magnificent Raquel Welch!
Diana Dors
Diana Dors
Brigitte Bardot
Dorothy Dandridge.
Sherry Britton. Classy promo photo of a classy lady!
Joan Collins
Joan Collins.... Girgeous!
Elizabeth Taylor
Gina Lollobrigida
Ava Gardner
marilyn monroe
Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks
Kelly Brook
Kelly Brooke stylish simple gorgeous x
Kelly Brook
sophia loren.
Sophia Loren
Marilyn Monroe