Find Hair Styles for your Face Shape

Look Fabulous will help you gain an understanding of what hairstyles will suit your face shape best and which styles you should be avoiding.

We will help you find hairstyles that are bang on trend for 2011 and styles that will complement your face shape, features and your lifestyle to have you looking and feeling fabulous about your style every day.

Determine your Face Shape.

There are a handful of categories your face shape could fall into and how you wear your hair depending on your face shape can either make or break your look. That is why we are here to help!

These categories consist of:

  • Oval Face Shape.
  • Round Face Shape.
  • Oblong Face Shape.
  • Heart Shape Face.
  • Square Shape Face

Assessing Your Face Shape

It’s usually quite easy to assess what face shape you fall into by simply by pulling your hair back off you face and looking directly into a mirror. If it’s easier draw on the mirror with a crayon or lipstick following the shape of your face then stand back and assess!

If you are still unsure as your stylist or run your fingers over your jawline to feel the shape and structure, you will then get a better idea as to what face shape you have.


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