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More typically (and also in true form) most women are unhappy with some part of their body shape or size, and would love to change the way they look. At an extreme the unhappiness can result in hiding under baggy and ill fitting clothes and also wearing dark and dull colours to disappear into the background.

The good news is that the clothes you wear can dramatically affect the way you look and also the way you feel about yourself. Feeling good about what you wear and happy with the way you look increases both your self confidence and your perception of how people see you.

Look Fabulous is here to give you a sound understanding of what best to wear for your body shape, and how to dress to look fabulous! You will be presented with a set of personalised principles which will detail what clothe styles will be complementary for your body shape and which styles will be less flattering and best to avoid.

We will help you put together fabulous outfits for any occasion, helping you feel a wonderful, happier and more confident person.

How do I find out what is my body shape is?

The best way to determine which of the body shapes you fall into is to obtain a balanced assessment using the guidelines below.

Firstly have a go at assessing yourself in the mirror. You will need a full length mirror, ensure the mirror is as vertical as possible to avoid an angled view of yourself. Strip down to your underwear or alternatively a thin layer of clothes so you can see your curves and contours. Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.

Now whilst looking in the mirror, take note of how your shoulder width balances compared with your hips. Maybe your shoulders and hips are the same width or one is wider that the other. Remember all body shapes are normal and we are all different, so no sulking ladies just note your findings down on the paper!

Next note where your waist sits at the narrowest point, you may need to turn to the side to assess this properly. It may be your waist is nearer to your shoulders than your hips, half way between both, or even nearer your hips. Again just note down the findings. At the same time record visually the size of your waist compared to your shoulders and your hips. Does your waist narrow gradually, is it well defined, or is it as wide as your hips.

OK the next areas are bust and bum, for these you may need a side on view, to assess fully. Note down again the fullest points of both your bust and bum, where each sits in comparisons to your shoulders, waist and hips.

Finally as more of a personal note, jot down any areas that you are self conscious about, or feel uncomfortable with. This might be something like feet, ankles, neck, shoulders etc and also why you dislike them – too small, too big etc.

Great! Now that is your assessment complete – Well done. This should hopefully give you enough information about your body curves to see which of the body shape profiles you best fit into.

I’m confused on which body shape I belong?

For a second opinion and maybe for that balanced view you could ask somebody you trust and who will be both truthful and tactful. Friends and family are ideal for this, after all they probably see an all round view of you quite often.

Hopefully the opinion of your friend or family matches with the self assessment or at least clarifies some points. If the feedback differs slightly don’t worry at this stage, it can be that you fall between more than one body shape characteristic.

Once you have identified your body shape you can confirm findings by reading through the more detailed information in each of the body shape articles.

Women are all Different.


The 4 body shape categories effectively group women by certain similarities, however in reality we are completely unique. The body shape is essentially determined by the skeletal frame, the person’s height, weight and also where any body fat has been stored.

In addition to your unique shape there’s a vast mix of other differing features! Face shape & features, skin tone, eye shape and colouring, plus your hair colour, length and styling and then there is of course personal taste!

Is it any wonder we shop for hours, looking for that perfect outfit to just come back with nothing that suits!

We as women are fixed on self-criticism, often focusing on areas of the body which we don’t like when trying on clothes!

Can you imagine what it would feel like if we identified our best assets and shopped for clothes with these in mind!

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  1. It would sure be nice if you had my body type. It is not any of the 4 and advice for dressing the closest body type does not work well.

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