First Date Clothes Ideas for Men

Choosing what to wear for a first date is always difficult as it all depends on where you’re going and who you are going on a date with. If you are going for a fancy meal in a highly classed venue then you should wear something classy and make sure you are well groomed, however if you are going for a casual drink, or a cinema date it’s difficult to choose a casual outfit that still looks smart and allows you to show off a little. It also all depends on what in fashion at the time.

If you are going for a casual drink or a cinema date the safest option would be to wear wool or cotton jumper over a shirt. This can be worn with a smart pair of jeans or trousers depending on your own personal taste. You could even wear this with a pair of beige chino’s which are the latest trend. Another option would be to wear a pair of jeans with a shirt left un-tucked; you can add a jacket to this outfit and earn yourself some bonus points by offering it to the person you are taking on a date if they get cold.

In terms of choosing what shoes to wear it all depends on the colours in your outfit. You could wear a designer running shoe or a suede or leather shoe but avoid trainers if possible. It is also important to ensure that you are well groomed, therefore make sure that you are clean, shaven and are wearing your nicest smelling aftershave.

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