Flared Jeans

Flares are making a massive comeback in 2011 skinny jeans are no longer the “In” fashion which means apple and pear shaped women around the world can air punch in relief! Flares can be suited for most occasions; they make an especially fab option for smart dress at gatherings such as parties and family meals etc, they can also be worn casually for shopping or meeting friends.
pear shape jeans

Flared jeans look good on all body shapes but as for sizes, smaller women should definitely stay clear as the wide lower region of flares will makes your legs look wider than they are, therefore appearing shorter, which is not what you want! Tall slim women are perfect for flares, however the majority of us were not born with the perfect body shape, so women who are tall these denims will look great on you whether you are pear or boyish shaped figure.

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