French Knickers

French knickers are possible the most luxurious of all underwear! They are a similar style to hipster briefs but you shouldn’t get them confused. French knickers aren’t elasticated at the top of the legs and tend to be loose fit, can be frilled and generally more comfortable.

french knickers

French knickers will have any girl feeling feminine and fabulous, plus they seem to suit absolutely everyone.

They come in some really seductive fabrics and designs, lace, silk and satin are very common materials used to create the delicate, feminine and flattering panties.

Which Body Shape do French Knickers Suit Best

French knickers come in various styles, women with flat stomachs can pull off the high waisted styles. Pear shaped women or women with a large derriere should opt for low waisted loose styles.

If you have short legs or a small bum, apple shapes and boyish shaped bodies perhaps? Then stick with high cut french knickers, loose or fitted and whatever fabric you please, as long as they are high cut you can’t go wrong.

As for you lucky ladies with an hourglass body shape take your pick and see which pair you fall in love with, it’s bound to happen!

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