Fringes for Heart Shaped Faces

The reason fringes are suited so well to heart shaped faces is because they balance out a top heavy face by hiding your usually wide fore head.

heart face shapes

Brow-grazing fringes are a great look on classic heart shaped faces. Skimming the eyes with a straight fringe will detract attention away from the point of the chin and hide a larger forehead whilst bringing out your eyes.

Make sure your fringe is long and skims the brow to achieve this affect.

Choppy or shattered fringes are great for fine hair as they make it appear thicker but also provide an interesting alternative to full fringe that will draw attention straight to the eyes.

If you’re not daring enough to plunge straight in for a brow skimming fringe then a sexy sweeping side fringe is a safe option for your heart shaped faces.

Wispy short fringes will also look great on you especially if you have thick hair.

Adding some high lights or low lights to a fringe and the hair that frames your face can instantly add depth shine and thickness, great for brightening up thin, dull hair.

Fringes are not only there to look stylish but can do wonders when attempting to balance out features.

At the moment your main feature of your face will be your chin adding a fringe can instantly switch that main focal point to your eyes and check bones. Perfect!

The Best Hair Style for Heart Shaped Faces

The best hair styles that will do wonders for you heart shaped faces enhancing those eyes and gorgeous cheek bones will include the following; Long soft layers, a soft side sweeping fringe, highlights/ low lights, long full waves and curls minus the frizz.

Obviously you can’t combine all these into one style but why not try mixing and matching, all of them will look stunning on your face.

Characteristics of a heart shaped face.

  1. Wider at the forehead
  2. Usually defined cheekbones
  3. Tapered narrow chin

See all the women face shapes and which you fall into.

Just remember you need to create volume around the bottom of your face and soft and sleek at the top to balance out you face shape and show off your features!

Styles Heart Shaped Faces should Avoid

For you heart shaped faces you here are the basics that you should stay away from when trying to find the perfect style for you as they will do nothing for your face shape:

  1. Full styles that emphasize upper face
  2. Height at the crown of the head.
  3. Severe, slicked back looks.

Full styles will emphasize the upper face will make you look top heavy. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin. Just remember if you have a heart shape face, you have great cheekbones and your aim should be to emphasize these!

Pictures of Short, Long and Side Swept Fringes

Kerry Washington
Jlo fringe
Jennifer Love Hewitt.fringe
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Claudia Schiffer soft fringe
Claudia Schiffer long hair
Katie Holmes bob
Naomi Campbell bangs
Naomi Campbell long hair
Lisa Kudrow - Bob haircut
Lisa Kudrow Long hair
Reese Witherspoon bangs