Fringes for Oblong Shaped Faces

Fringes are fab this summer and can easily spice things up if you want to take the plunge and go for a change. Fringes for oblong face shapes are usually a must have, especially if you have the larger sized forehead as most oblong faces do.

oblong face shapes

If you have a small forehead then adding a fringe will just add length to the rest of your face to stay away from them.

If you have curly hair then wearing a side parting and sweeping a wispy bit of hair over to the other side is a great trick for covering up a large forehead, it will break it up but also won’t need to be styled and straightened like some short curly fringes do.

Unfortunately not all fringes will look great on you however; in style at the moment is the thick blunt fringe which is perfect for you. It will cover your large forehead and make you look super feminine as long as you wear it right. For example avoid blow drying your fringe under making it appear curled up and puffy.

Instead wear it straight and skimming the eyes or brows which ever you prefer and you will look super sexy.

There are a lot of choppy hair styles in this year and choppy side fringes are great, overall oblong long faces do look better with a fringe and if you’re not daring enough to opt for the thick blunt fringe or you’ hairs a little fine then going for a choppy fringe is a fab option.

Not only will they help fine hair appear thicker but they look best combined with a choppy layered hair style which will give you’re hair volume and lift where its needed.

The Best Hairstyle for Oblong Shaped Faces

Having a long face means you have several options on what will work best for your face depending on your hair type.

Characteristics of an oval shaped face.

  1. Defined cheekbones
  2. High forehead
  3. Narrow smooth jawline

Styles Oblong Shaped Faces should Avoid

Unlike all the models and celebrities, we unfortunately don’t have stylists to do our hairstyling for us each day and unless you have super thick with natural volume then you need to avoid trying out long styles like those seen on oblong faces celebs. Keep in mind the next few steps when it comes to what to avoid and your hair will suit your face shape so much more.

  • To much hair length will make your face will appear even longer
  • To little hair length will also make your face appear even longer
  • Too much volume at the top of your head will lengthen your face

Pictures of Short, Long and Side Swept Fringes

Ashlee Simpson long hair
Ashlee Simpson fringe
Cate Blanchett
Janet Jackson fringe
Niki Taylor long hair
Hilary Swank short hair