Full Cup Bra

Full cup bras are the perfect every day bra for you ladies with a bigger bust like the apple shaped figure and hourglass. Full cup bras cover the whole breast which provides a great shape and fit.

They also usually come with thick supporting straps which are a must when you’re big breasted as this will give the support needed, help with posture and reduce any back ache problems.

Full cup bra styles in recent years have been revamped and are now sexier then ever with a range of feminine lace and silk fabrics and modern fabric prints.

Which Body Shape does the Full Cup Bras Suit Best

Apple shaped figures and hourglass women will benefit from full cup bras support and coverage.

Supportive bras like the full cup are more commonly worn by women with bra sizes D + however that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to wear them if you have smaller breasts. It just means there is most defiantly something out there that will suit your shape better.

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