Hair Colours and Eyebrows

Colouring your hair can completely change your look and how you feel, however one of the biggest problems is finding a hair colour to compliment your natural looking eyebrows.
Pencils and brow powders can subtly change the colour of eyebrows, but if you’re going for a drastic hair colour change it may be a good idea to look at eyebrow tinting for a more natural looking results and to avoid a “coloured in” fake look!

Tinting and lightening of the eyebrows is best left for the beauty professionals to do, especially when lightening can be quite harmful if left on too long, or spilled on to the skin or worse in the eyes.

The last thing you would want would be a disaster in the eyebrow area as this could take weeks to recover and could seriously damage you eyesight and or skin.

Generally speaking dark brunette to black hair can pull off very dark brows, mid browns obviously look best with a mid brown brow but can be worn with darker brows. If you have thin brow hair then it is worth experimenting with some eyebrow pencils at home.
brow pencils
Light brown hair shouldn’t be worn with dark brows while blonder hair can pull off anything from blonde to light brown.

Light hair and dark eyebrows can look a bit brassy and not a desired look.

Ladies who have coloured their hair with a red tint can pencil in a warm brown into brows to help them match a little more.

Basically keep brows within 4 shades of your hair colour, 2 shades lighter or 2 shades darker, if you want to go further then think about pencil and tint

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