Hair Colours to Suit You

Whether you have warm or cool, olive, fair or dark there will be certain hair colours that will suit you a lot better than others.
Here you can learn about what colours best suit you, changing a wrong colour to a right even if it’s just a matter of two shades lighter or darker will brighten up your complexion and give you a much healthier appearance.

hair colours to suit you

A simple way to determine your skin tone is to tie you’re hair back off your face and wash any make-up you’re wearing off. Wait about 10 minutes for any blotchiness to die down then hold a white piece of paper next to you’re face. If it appears to be yellowish or golden you have a warm skin tone, if its pinkish or red you have a cool skin tone.

Cool skin tones suit hair with cool undertones blue black, deep brown, ash brown, ash blond and platinum blond hair are all fab shades that will look really good on you.

Like cool skin tones warm skin tones also suit hair colours with warm undertones deep rich brown, bold bright red, strawberry blonde and natural golden blonde are all beautiful shades that will really brighten up a warm complexion.

Now you know what shades will do you justice and compliment you’re skin tone its time to consider whether you will look best dark or light.

Here are a few tips that will quickly and easily help you decide:

• If you are dark now but at one point had naturally blonde hair as a child you will most probably still suit it now.

• If you have very fair/ light skin stay away from very dark colours, they will drain you’re face of any colour you do have.

• If you have very dark skin or are Asian/Coloured then stick to browns and shades of black going blonde will be too much of a contrast and do nothing for you along with providing you with a lot of timely and costly upkeep.

• If you want to go red there are many shades from subtle strawberry blonde to bright pillar box red and dark mahogany, red is a tricky one as most people suit it whether they have cool or warm skin it all depends on the shade you pick. Choose carefully or get a stylists advice.

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  1. I appreciate your tips that you suggest on the hair colors..It favorably works on all types of hairs as you mentioned here…I personally have blond hairs and I always afraid of trying different kinda hair dyes, but it merely helps…

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