Half Cup Bra

Half cup bras are also known as demi cup bras. They cover around ¾ of the breast stopping just above the nipple for a really sexy look but also giving needed support.

Half cup bras usually have molded or shaped cups which provide support, not as much as a full cup bra but usually enough.

Some half cup bras that don’t have molded cups are designed specifically for younger women with firm breasts or ladies with small boobs. These don’t give much support but ooze sex appeal and are often found in really feminine lace and satin fabrics.

Which Body Shape does the Half Cup Bra Suit Best

Boyish oblong shaped ladies will look stunning in a half cup bra, molded or not. Women who have smaller breasts like the boyish shaped women will stay firmer for longer pulling off a style like the half cup beautifully.

The half cup bra is the perfect bra for hourglass women with breasts sizes B-D, they provide enough support for these sizes and as they neither minimize nor maximize they won’t knock you out of proportion.

Apple shape women can also benefit from the half cups ability to give support but not maximize. The half cup is suited to almost any body shape as long as you find one that fits properly.

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