High Rise Jeans

High rise jeans sit at your natural waist line and can look great on most women as they give the illusion of height by lengthening the leg.

high rise jeans

If you have a flat tum then this style is perfect for you
If you are on the shorter side then it is best to opt for mid waisted jeans rather than the high waisted so you don’t create an illusion of a short body.

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  1. These jeans look terrible on most women. You really need a statuesque figure for them to look good. If a woman has a flat stomach, I have no idea why she wouldn’t want to wear a low- or mid-rise jean instead, as they just look better. High-rise jeans look dorky and give that whole ‘mom jean’ look. Moms do wear them after pregnancy, not because they have a flat stomach, but precisely because it isn’t flat. They want to hide the muffin tops and other unflattering parts of their bodies. Why someone would willingly make themselves look so hideous is really quite beyond me. If you have a flat stomach and aren’t a tall, statuesque model, you should really stay away from high rises altogether.

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