Hipster Knickers

Hipsters are very similar to briefs, the only difference is they are low rise and as you’ve guessed worn on the hips. Hipster knickers are a lot more flattering then classic briefs, still are very comfortable. They can be found made from a very wide range of materials, try cotton for everyday wea yetr and for a more feminine sexy look how about some lace or silk?

What’s better still for you ladies is that the lower your knickers are the slimmer your hips will look so the hipster will be good for the pear shape figure and the hourglass women figure.

Which Body Shape do Hipster Knickers Suit Best

Generally it’s the sexy hourglass ladies along with the curvy pear shaped ladies who have the larger behind. Hipsters are ultimate pair of panties for beautiful big bums, they will really show off your assets along with being comfortable!

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