Hourglass Shaped Body

Did you know that only 8.4% of women have the hourglass figure? Considered as the dream figure, the subject of many paintings and sculptures, the hourglass is probably the most envied of all the shapes we have discussed.

Contrary to the body shapes of most supermodels, the hourglass figure is round and curvy, with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and bust and generous thighs.

Probably because of this change in the concept of beauty, many hourglass figured women try to hide their curves. If not, some of these women find it difficult to find the right type of clothes for their body type.

Since the hourglass is considered the perfect feminine shape, there is not much to be done but to accentuate this particular figure. If you are one of these lucky few, all you really need is to dress smartly and look for clothes that silhouette your figure rather than hide it.

Main Traits of a Hourglass Shape Figure.

  1. Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  2. Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
  3. Full Bust.
  4. Shapely Legs.

Hourglass Figure Measurements

The vital statistics of what was once considered to be the perfect figure of 36/24/36 are what the hourglass ladies are about. The credentials can be larger or smaller, but by comparison the waist will always be around 9″ smaller than the bust giving that very curvaceous figure.

After reading this article, hourglass women can go ahead and reclaim their throne.

Tops for Hourglass Shaped Women:

hourglass topsMany women try to hide and cover up their curves in lose fitting clothes, now is the time to embrace them curves and show off your most envied assets; your perfect proportions and tiny waist!

Classic cuts teamed with trendy accessories will have you looking as fabulous as your less endowed sisters. Be careful not to overdo your clothes with ruffles, bows and other frills as your figure itself is enough to draw attention so keep everything simple and you’ll be smashing.

Ideal tops for the hourglass shape are scooped or V necks as these will accentuate your bust. Wrap tops and tops with belts are also good for the hour glass women, the belt or tie will be a feature and style will fall on your slender waistline.

When looking at fabrics aim to buy sheer, soft, clingy fabrics and avoid stiff bulky fabrics and design as they will not be figure hugging. The vertical striped tops can be a good way of elongating your body especially if the garment is fitted or gathered in, this will give the effect of drawing the stripes into your narrow waist area.

On tops and blouses you will need to avoid high necklines like turtlenecks as they draw attention away from the waist, also it would be a good idea to stay away from frills around the hem of a top as these will add width to your hips when you don’t need it making you look unbalanced.

Dresses and one piece outfits are a good choice for the hour glass woman, fitted ones are ideal and they should fit your bust most of all as well as your hips and your behind.

Never wear overly dramatic or ultra-blah big belts, batwing sleeves, smocks, flat lace-up shoes or other similar items.

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Jackets and Coats for Hourglass Shaped Women:

coats hourglass figuresFitted and tailored coats and jackets will be one of the best choices for your hourglass figure and well fitted jacket will slim down into the waist will emphasize your figure beautifully.

As an hour glass you are able to pick any length. Tailored longer coats can work well, especially with belts or small pleated waist detail a simple button under the bust can draw attention in the right places.

Single breasted jackets are best for your shape; they just fasten the jacket like their meant to with out any of the extra bulk you would get from a double breasted jacket.

Simplicity is they key when looking for your perfect jacket or coat, try and avoid over accentuated shoulders or pocket detailing.

If you are one of the shorter hour glasses out there try and stick to shorter jackets that end at your hips. Make sure you don’t hide your shape under bulky jackets, stick to the fitted ones that follow the curves of your body. Try small, neat sleeves to soften your usually fleshy upper arms.

Your figure will do the talking when it comes to your coat so just make sure you find one the right fit, size and that nips in and out in all the right places and you can’t go wrong.

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Skirts and Trousers for Hourglass Shaped Women:

skirts hourglass figuresFor casual dressing, the hourglass is too much woman for trousers. I mean, really. However, if you really want to dress down for shopping or hiking in the woods, try to wear trousers that are wide-legged and loose fitting and wear a pretty top that ends just below your crotch. It not only looks good on you, you feel super comfortable in it, too.

Pencil skirts are the ones to go for; they will cling to your figure coming right in at your waist to show off your sexy curves.

If you feel you’re a little on the shorter side wear ¾ length or skirts just below the knee with a slit to make you look taller.

However it’s important to know what length skirt is right for you what ever your height, wearing skirts that end at the thickest part of your legs whether it be the widest part of your thighs or calves will just made you appear allot shorter and wider then you actually are.

A-lines are another skirt great for you hourglasses. As long as they are fitted around the waist and hits and don’t flare out

from the waist you will look gorgeous in them.

Fitted jackets teamed with skirts or strapless dresses all suit those with an hourglass shape. Fitted dresses, trousers in drapy fabrics, slim skirts and heeled shoes with rounded or peep toes will have you looking great from day to night.

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Jeans Styles for Hourglass Shaped Women:

hourglass jeansHourglass figures should ideally wear jeans that have a smaller cut waist, this will help you achieve that beautifully fitted look from waist to hips.

With fitting in mind stretch denim jeans can be the perfect choice and will give you movement and comfort for your shapely figure without having a bulky or tight look.

To balance out your hips choose jeans that have a slightly flared, wide leg or boot cut. Tailored jeans can make your legs appear longer and lift your bottom especially if worn with heals.

Stay away from belts or detailing such as pockets around the hips or bum, it will just add bulk. If your one of the cuddlier hour glasses out there opt for darker colour jeans, they will slim you down.

As long as you remember to make sure your jeans are fitted properly especially around your bum, hips, waist and not adding any width where it’s not needed you will look stunning.

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Dresses for Hourglass Shaped Women.

hourglass dressesAs you should know by now you have been blessed with easiest body shape to dress. Nothing needs to be hidden or enhanced since your shape is already proportional and you can pull off just about any dress you choose!

Although you can pull off almost all dress styles and shapes you do need to be careful when it comes to pattern or embellishment. Stay away from heavily beaded or over embellished dresses, they tend to make you appear heavier than you actually are and can leave you looking unbalanced.

Bodices look great with your body shape as they will enhance your natural curves accentuating the waist and lifting your bust. As far as length goes stick to the same rules as when buying a skirt, remembering that if you’re a little on the shorter side wear ¾ length dresses or just below the knee with a slit to make you look taller.

Strapless or off-the shoulder necklines are perfect for an hourglass shape. You really do have a lot of options so feel lucky to have been blessed with such a great body shape.

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Bikinis for Hourglass Shape Women

bikinis for hourglass figureTo be able to choose the perfect bikini for the hourglass shaped figure you firstly need to understand your body shape and what areas you should draw attention to and also what areas you should pull attention away from.

Being hourglass your very lucky that most styles will suit you, however bikinis are a great choice for the hourglass figure and will allow you to show off that fabulous figure more than if you were to wear a tankini or swimsuit.

Under wiring in bikini tops will also help lift your large breasts. A longer tankini top can be a good choice as they come with supporting control panels to help suck you in and emphasise that tiny waist even more.

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Underwear for the Hourglass Figure

underwear hourglasss body shapeThe hourglass women may have a tendency to want to cover up their ample chest area as they feel they are too large at the top, some try to squeeze into bras with a smaller cup size as a hope to reduce the emphasis on the bust.

The hourglass may not have enough support wearing the strapless bra and triangle bras, the push-up bras and padded bras are also to be avoided as you simply do not need to emphasise your bust!

Wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential. For the  best results choose well fitting undergarments that will complement your  hourglass figure. This will effect how good you look once you are  dressed and will give you that great foundation.

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Hourglass Shaped Celebrities

celebrity hourglass figuresWith the hourglass figure being so desired it is no wonder that the following celebrities, pop stars and actresses are hugely successful and also admired by so many.

Many embrace their curves and don’t give in to the pressures and demands of being stick-thin that many stars do. Hourglass shapes stars include: Marilyn Monroe, Kate Winslet, Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek

The hourglass figure was known as the “wasp waist” and was highly fashionable during the 1800s and Victorian era. Fashionable women did literally everything and anything to achieve the desired bigger bust and hips and the tiny waist of the hourglass look.

Corsets, bustles, breast-enhancing bras and foundation garments were worn for long periods of time and were very uncomfortable for the wearer. Research now reveals that some women in this era probably suffered from a variety of serious health problems including the displacement of various organs caused by pressure from the corset and also deformed ribs, as the corset pulls the lower ribs to an unnatural position.

So there. There’s not much to do for the hourglass goddess – all you have to do is to regain your lost confidence and stay simple. Your body is already hot as it is so you don’t really need to try too hard. Thank God there are only 8.4% of you!

If you are unsure of your body shape then check out the article on What is my body shape



  1. Thank you so much. Finally I get it (after 32 years); that I am fortunate and I can simply dress up shape without feeling ashamed. I can’t believe the time I have wasted trying to ‘hide myself’. Thank you.

    • When I was a preteen my mom dressed my in baggy tops and for the longest time I felt like I had no curves at all. I never really saw them since my weight fluctuates but I never noticed bc to me I still had a stomach. It’s only been recently that I’m very proud of my body now. I’m working on toning up a bit but I like where I am, just rather keep healthy and be all muscle even if it means building big leg and butt muscles so I don’t end up with thin legs and still keep my butt lol

  2. This site is awesome but it forgot to mention our figure is based on our skeletal structure so breast size doesn’t necessarily factor in. I’m def an hourglass but I’m a 36B which is average. They’re a great set of Bs so no lost there. Can’t believe only 8% of us have this awesome figure.

    • Without the bust to balance out the bottom, you are not an hourglass..you are a pear. You can be a small hourglass or a large one as its a shape and not a size, but you’ll still have similar proportions. And if you have a waist that’s 9″ smaller, you’ll still look like you have a large chest compared to your frame.

  3. I find it very difficult to find clothing that fits me we’ll without looking too sexy and/or suggestive. My measurements are 40-32-42. I am very comfortable with my curves, however, I don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. Help?

    • You are almost like me only my waist is 30 i would suggest you go for dresses with v neck and cap sleeves (if u have big arms like me it will help) with frock style ending which are slender in waist and loose near the hips avoid laces designs pockets go for plane and simple hope this helps thank you

  4. Check out “bust friendly” clothing sites like Urkye and BiuBiu. They are all overseas but it’s well worth it to have comfortable, well fitting clothing. They are mainly aimed at hourglasses.

  5. Thankyou so much for the help! 🙂 i am a 6ft tall woman with an hourglass figure and i am extremely self conscious. I always look bigger than i actually am. I’ve had guys reject me for being to tall and amazon like

    • I think there are lots of tall ladies and pretty sure each generation is getting taller!

      I’m 5.3 and my daughter is nearly 6 foot ~ I always think taller ladies look more model like and elegant 🙂

      And in my opinion you have a great natural filter for any shallow minded guys who are just going to be self centered x

  6. Being a 43-33-41 as a teen is kinda a pain, lot of the clothes that my friends wear don’t fit me. I usually wear the largest size at ,say, forever 21 or H and M but at Torrid I wear one of the smallest sizes. Trying to find clothes that aren’t a long as my hand or make me look matronly is a struggle but this article has really helped my set guidelines for my clothes

  7. True. I felt a little bit unconfident facing the change of the concept of beauty, which I thought were more designed for rectangular body types. You are so true about “simplicity will keep us smashing”. Thank you so much for this article! Love this!

  8. thanks to this site to help us with dressing ideas.
    My measurements are 34-25-34 so i knew that im an hourglass but still had problem in dressing myself

  9. I totally get the advice in this article (minus the say no to double-breasted coats. I can’t help but love those). The only issue is that I’m 40-29-40 (the first 40 is without a bra. With one it’s freaking ridiculous) and literally nothing is fitted on me… And still my boobs keep getting bigger and my waist keeps getting smaller. I know I should be happy to have an hourglass figure, but shopping is the worst. Thanks for the acknowledgment though 🙂

  10. My measurements are 37-30-41 and my shoulders and hips are the same width. What shape am i? Please tell me. Thank you.

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