How to Balance Out Wide Hips

How to Balance Out Wide Hips

Shoulder pads are perfect for balancing out bottom heavy women. Making your top half appear as wide or almost as wide as your bottom half will not only balance you out but make your waist look tiny, overall slim and sexy with curves in the right places.

Skimming wide leg trousers are great for wide hips, they will hit you at your widest part and fall down from there. They can look very fashionable paired with a sexy ruffled shirt which will also add volume to your small top half. Try and go for dark colours on your bottom half and lighter colours on your top, the dark colours will slim you down a bit.

Waist belts will draw attention up to your tiny waist and take attention away from your hips, they come in so many patterns and shades these days. Choose an interesting, attractive one perhaps with some diamantes for a bit of sparkle and to catch people’s eyes.

Accessories with bags, necklaces, and sunglasses basically anything that will add some fashionable style to your wardrobe and draw attention up and away from your bottom half.

What to Avoid with Wide Hips

Pockets draw attention right to your widest point, keep away from trousers and jeans with pockets on the front, sides or rear.

Light colours on your bottom half will always make you appear bigger, stick to darker shades on the bottom.

Avoid clingy fabrics that leave nothing to the imagination, you’re trying to make the most of your shape not show off exactly every lump and bump you’ve got.

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