How to Reduce a Big Stomach

How Big Stomachs can Appear Smaller

Empire line dresses and tops are great for women with protruding tummies, they cinch you in below your bust creating a slim waist. Make sure you wear some supportive underwear underneath to hold that stomach in.

Wrap around tops are a stylish way to disguise a big stomach, they wrap around style takes attention away from your tummy and draws it up to your chest and pretty face.

Control panties are a wardrobe essential for apple figures, they hold you in at the right places giving the illusion of a flatter smaller stomach and a smaller sexier waist.

A-line skirts are a fab way of balancing out a top heavy figure, the style of an A line skirt will give the effect of a smaller waist by making hips look wider. You may feel you look bigger but actually an A line will balance you out and give you an hourglass silhouette.

Hour glass shaped tailored blazers and coats are the essential outer wear for the more rounded woman, leaving the jacket open and making sure you buy a size not too tight as to pull the hourglass shape out of place will give the illusion of a perfect figure.

What to Avoid Big Stomachs

Clingy fabrics are best left for women born lucky with a slim figure or that hit the gym all they will show any lumps and bumps you have.

Tube skirts are tight and will show off your small hips, this will make your tummy appear even larger making you look even more top heavy, not a good look.

Waist belts will add more bulk to the widest part of your body which you defiantly don’t want. If you are a fan of belts choose lose low rise belts that draw attention away from your stomach.

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  1. This may sound crazy but I have no idea what my body shape is… I’m short (4’11”) and have a kind of full tummy and thighs and hips. Weight is between 120- 130 pounds.
    Any help on dressing for my body type is appreciated.

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