How to Thread Eyebrows

Threading the eyebrows has become an effective and quick way to both shape and trim eyebrow hairs, brow bars and beauticians offering this can be found in shopping centres, department stores etc. This simple technique uses string that has been twisted with the figures and a simple motion to run over areas of the brow and pluck-out unwanted brow hairs fast and effectively.

How to Thread Eyebrows

Firstly you will need to find some fine thread or cotton, this needs to be quite sheer but strong as it will need to be able to have the twists pulled through it without snapping or getting knotted up.

Next cut about 10-12 inches of the thread and knot the ends so that you have a loop. The knot end needs to be kept in one hand and then you will need to twist one hand about 6 times to create the twist in the middle.

The knot will slide up and down the length of the loop by closing and opening the hands. Once you have the hang of the tread movement have a go at threading some fine hair under your brow.

Do’s And Don’ts of threading Eyebrows


  • Prepare your skin by washing, frying and applying powder to the area.
  • Hold the skin firmly in-place to avoid the skin pulling.
  • Work on the eyebrows evenly, if you are threading yourself
  • Have Ice and cooling creams to the ready


  • Don’t Practice on one eyebrow, naturally you will be better on one one side of the face that the other
  • Don’t rush to get the job done as fast as possible – check your eyebrow progress as you thread.
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