Ideal Jeans for Apple Shaped Women

Apple shaped woman can have problems with jeans that fit the waist but are too big on the hips and thighs, if this is the case you should avoid the urge of buying jeans a size smaller to fit the hips as this will only result in the stomach area being too tight and look unsightly.

Women with the apple shaped body tend to be heavier at the top half of the body and smaller at the bottom.

Common traits of the apple shape will be a fuller breasts, wider shoulders, softer and fuller middle – sometimes with a protruding tummy. She often has, thinner hips and thighs with upper shapely legs and a flatter bottom than most.
jeans apple shape figure

Finding the right style of jeans will be an asset to your wardrobe and help you feel and look fabulous. For the apple shaped woman this can be achieved easily by following the rules below.

  • All shades of denim work well, lighter denims are ideal as they draw the eye to your lower half and will help with that “balanced look”.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy jeans a smaller size, the stomach area should look comfortable and not look like you are bursting out.
  • Jeans with fading or detail below the knee can work well for you.
  • Boot cut jeans is your best style choice and will balance out your figure.
  • Avoid jeans with front tucks as this will make the stomach area appear larger.
  • Zip fasteners will work better than button up jeans.
  • Rear pocket detail or pocket flaps will draw the eye to your bum and can work well for visually creating that curvier rear.

Apple shaped women should wear clothes that minimize the shoulders, chest and stomach, wear designs that will draw the attention to the lower part of the body with style and colour to achieve a balanced body. Read more on the jean styles the apple shape should avoid.

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