Increase the Look of a Flat Chest

How to Increase the Look of a Flat Chest

Chunky necklaces draw the eyes up past a flat chest and up to the face they are a great way of distracting attention from disliked areas.

Tops with volume ruffles and frills will give the illusion of there being more there than there actually is, they can also be very sexy or girly depending on the fabrics chosen and colours.

Padded bras are the ultimate way of making your breasts appear larger whether you’re in your underwear or big winter jumper.

Small breasted ladies tend to have small waists to go with them, wearing a waist belt to really cinch in the waist and show it off will give you sexy feminine curves a lot of women would die for.

What Small Breasted Women Should Avoid

Scarves not the woolly ones intended to keep you warm but fashion silk scarves draw attention right to the chest area.

Fitted tops will show off your boyish silhouette, if you want to wear a fitted top wear a shrug or a short cardigan over the top still showing off your waist but adding extra layers and bulk on your flat chest.

Strapless necklines on dresses and tops should be left for fuller breasted women, strapless necklines are often very fitted to help keep them in place, it will just leave you resembling an ironing board rather than a curvy woman.

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