Inverted Triangle Male Body Shape

It is said that an Inverted Triangle Male Body Shape wears high fashion better than any other body shape with his wide shoulders and narrow hips and tight buttocks he can pull off all classic style.

The main traits of your inverted triangular shaped body are:

  • Narrow waist and hips
  • A broad upper half of the body
  • You shoulder, arm and chest muscles will be large and well developed
  • The top half of the body is significantly larger than the bottom half of the body

The aim here is to balance out the whole body, you don’t want to come across as top heavy. Just because you work hard at the gym for the top half of your body it doesn’t mean you need to wear extra tight tops to show it off, a nice fitting shirt looks great with a pair of loosely fit jeans.

Jeans for an Inverted Triangle Shaped Man

Finding the right pair of jean that balances out your large muscular shoulders can sometimes be difficult; however these helpful tips can make finding the right pair of jeans a doddle.

With your large broad shoulders you need to find a pair of jeans that balances you out, boot-cut or flare are the best option for an inverted triangle. They give your hips that flare to make your body look in proportion.

The best colour for an inverted triangle is the lighter paler colours, a little wiskering on the top of the front of the jean will make the hips appear wider and give you that balanced look we are aiming for. Cuffs can also draw the eye down and balance the look. Avoid the darker denims as these will make your legs look slimmer and will enhance the size the broad shoulders.

Tops for an Inverted Triangle Shaped Man

When it comes to buying tops you need to avoid necklines that will enhance the size of your shoulders and make your body look out of proportion for example v neck, however your large shoulders are one if your most attractive asset so don’t be afraid to show them off.

In the summer months don’t be afraid to bring out the tank tops to show off your shoulders. In the winter months opt for fitted t-shirts as this will emphasise the structure of your figure.

Dark colours are what you should be aiming for as the lighter colours may make you look wider. Avoiding larger prints would be your best bet as they will add width to your upper torso. Vertical stripes will make your upper torso appear smaller.

Shirts for an Inverted Triangle Shaped Man

It can sometimes prove difficult to find a shirt that fits nicely around your large shoulders. When choosing a shirt you need to think about balancing out your body. You need to steer away from shoulder pads and any shirt that adds bulk in that area.

Darker colours can help make the appearance of your upper torso smaller choosing lighter colour will just add width onto your top half, also choosing dark block colours is a good option.

Horizontal stripes can also add width so you want to go for a vertical stripe.

When it comes to the collar you want to minimize your top half not maximise to give your body that proportioned balance you are looking for. Something like a button down collar works well with your body shape.

Jackets for an Inverted Triangle Shaped Man

When choosing a jacket you need to avoid bulking as your natural figure already does this. Choosing a longer jacket made from softer fabrics is a good choice.

A jacket with lower pleats with emphasise your lower body and will create balance. Wearing a jacket open works well for you, fastening a jacket will draw attention to your shoulders.

Wearing darker coloured jackets with light coloured bottoms will also give you that well-proportioned look.

Trousers for an Inverted Triangle Shaped Man

When choosing trousers your main aim is to create bulk, choosing trousers with pleats is a good option. Adding detail is a great way to create attention to your lower half this can be done through the styling or through the fabric. For a formal trouser choosing pin stripes is a good way of adding detail. Choosing a single pleat will balance out the body shape in a formal trouser also a double pleat adds depth to the waist band.

When choosing a casual trouser a cargo pant is a good option as it has large pockets which creates attention to the lower body also a pair of chinos is a really good pant for an inverted triangle, as they are a soft material and often come in light colours.

Suits for Inverted Triangle Shape

It is sometimes found to be quite difficult finding suits to fit this body shape as they usually have more muscle on the top half of their body compared to their lower body.

It’s important to balance out the top half of the body with the bottom half so that you look in proportion. This can be done when wearing suits by choosing a suit jacket with minimal shoulder padding as your natural body shape will already emphasize your shoulders. Instead you need to focus on bulking up the lower half of your body. A slightly longer jacket can also help to make your figure look straighter rather than having a ‘V’ shaped torso.

Your next aim is to gain a heavier, bulkier look on your lower body; this can be done by choosing the correct suit trousers. Firstly you should start by trying to find trousers with a pleat and that also have a lot of room in the upper area of them as this will give the impression of bulkier hips. Also if your trousers have a larger cuff this will also help to make your lower body appear bulkier.

Inverted Triangle Male Celebrities

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Dwayne Johnson

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone


Vin Diesel

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

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