Jackets and Coats for Apple Shaped Women

Apples should aim to trim in the waist and visually decrease the size of bust and shoulders.

apple woman

The main traits of your apple shaped body are:

  1. Larger Bust.
  2. Broader Shoulders.
  3. Narrower Hips
  4. Less Defined Waist

Ideal Coat and Jacket Length

When trying to decide what length of coat of jacket to buy then remember to best suit your body shape, jackets should never fall at the waistline. Ideally Jackets and coats should fall below the waist to mid-thigh or even 3/4 length and flare slightly to give a balanced look against the shoulder width.

Ideal Tailoring and Fit

coat pockets apple

Avoid excess fabric over bust, around tummy and hips, to do this choose simple tailored jackets that nip in at your waist or belted jackets to give the illusion of a smaller waist and this will trim in your tummy area. High placed pockets under the bust of around the waistline should be avoided as this will add bulk to your larger areas.

Lower pockets can be an advantage as they will draw the eye down.

Shoulders and Sleeves

cuff detail appleStay away from designs that will make you appear larger at the shoulder or waist like shoulder pads, shoulder gathers and pleats, apples tend to have broader shoulders and a fuller waist so you do not need to add any size here. Button detail, turn-back cuffs, fur or even elongated cuffs are ideal designs for you apple ladies and will give your coat or jacket the design and detail where needed.

Collars and Necklines

asymmetrical detail appleJackets and coats that have a deep v neckline will draw attention up top and distract from the fuller middle figure. Avoid heavy lapels and fur collars as they will look bulky on the breast area.

Asymmetrical necklines can be very slimming whether this be from design or from a small wrap style coat. Wear jackets and blazers open to create vertical lines and to lengthen your body.

Clever use of colour can work wonders when trying to change the appearance of your silhouette, being apple shaped you should stay away from wearing one colour all over. Apple shaped women can pull off pretty much any colours, yes even lighter colours. So what ever colours you like, whether they are red, olive, cream or even yellow why not add a bit of that colour where ever you go why make your coat the feature of your outfit?

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