Jackets and Coats for Boyish Shaped Women

The boyish oblong shaped should aim to trim in the waist and visually create curves to both the upper and lower halves of the body.

boyish woman

Main Traits of a Boyish Shape Figure.

  1. Undefined Waist
  2. Narrower Hips
  3. Small Bust

Ideal Coat and Jacket Length

Jackets and Coats follow the same rules basically as tops; you just need to follow the guides structured to cinched in your tiny waist. The ideal length of coat will finish a the widest part of the hips and will be flared out slightly.

Ideal Tailoring and Fit

tailored boyish shapeThe ideal tailoring to coats and jackets will be to add width with remember to avoid boy cut jackets or slouchy jackets, as the straight up and down shape does not help to create those curves. Coats or jackets that flare out from the waist and stop at the hip will give the illusion of wider hips especially if the fitted panels are designed to be emphasised with stitching or trimming like with this red jacket. Accessorise with different belts to keep that waist tucked and change its look for different occasions.

Shoulders and Sleeves

coat boyish shapeAccessorise your coats and jackets with scarves and brooches and the ideal to create a more feminine curvy look will be to wear padded shoulders, tucks and gathers will give you a desired width. Detail on the cuff areas will also be ideal and will add more interest.


Collars and Necklines

jacket boyish shapeThe double breasted or wrap coat and jacket can give the perfect look to the top half of your body providing it nips into your tiny waist. Wider collars or fur lined

least why not try buying a light weight parka or even a cardigan with a tie belt for those evenings sat outside enjoying the summer nights. The soft feminine fabrics paired with the tie belt would be perfect for your shape.

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